One Brit and Several American involved in Nairobi attack

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As the world watched the unfolding atrocity in Nairobi with horror, each country scrambled to deal with its own specific consequences. In Britain, Prime Minister David Cameron held an emergency response committee, or Cobra meeting, as news broke that at least 3 brits, include an 8 year old girl were among the dead victims. But, then a PBS interview with Kenyan Foreign Minister Amina Mohamed turned British involvement in the Al Shabab attack on its head. The remarks have fuelled speculation that the British female is Samantha Lewthwaite, who was married to July 7th bomber Jermaine Lindsay. She is known to be in East Africa and is wanted by Kenyan police over alleged links to a terrorist cell in the country. Kenyan officials say she fled to Somalia last year. An Al-Shabaab spokesman has dismissed the Kenyan foreign ministers comments. Britain won't confirm the claims, and the US says there is no evidence of the nationalities of the attackers. But if British or American citizens are involved it wouldn't be a surprise. On Monday, two british brothers were in court charged with conspiring to attend a terrorism training camp in Syria. The home office has said that at least 100 british fighters are in Syria. And we already know of british citizens who have gone to Afghanistan and pakistan. Since 9/11 catapulted Al Qaeda and the Taleban to notoriety, this type of extremism has Become synonymous with Islam. But, it was America that funded the Taleban in the 1970's and later lost control of its off-shoot that created Al Qaeda. Muslims are the biggest victims of their attacks. But the West has a dubious track record with these so-called Islamic extremists. While they wage war against them in Afghanistan, elsewhere, they tend to turn a blind eye. Saudi Clerics, for example, with controversial -- and sometimes violent views -- are often let inside Britain to speak. Some experts say this has become a vicious cycle. Foreign military intervention fuels the very hate that is then ignored later on -- and this is pushing a small -- but increasing number of Brits to go and fight abroad. Their numbers are few, but they wreck fear and havoc. Their interpretation of Islam not accepted by the majority of Muslims, and their biggest victims are Muslims -- across all sectarian lines.

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