The best of George Galloway vs the Mainstream Media (Galloway wins every time, hilarious!)

Due to the fact the George opposes all middern eastern wars due to them killing more people than problems they solve and constantly wins democratic elections when the public are allowed to vote the UK media has treated him absolutely awfully in the past (and still do!) This video compiles some of the best footage of this evident bias, showing that the UK media often, far from being impartial, often goes with the propaganda against him created by government agencies in the world for him sticking up the for the people instead of the inhuman policies and dictators that the oppressive governments to years of false accusations of him making money from Oil and various other lies in the media, which has undoubtedly permanently harmed his reputation in the UK, George successfully sued the Murdock papers, not just once but multiple times, and they had to pay him 3 million pounds compensation and admitted they had made them up. It is extremely rare for people to win court cases against such powerful media organizations, and demonstrates not only Georges integrity but also how truthful and thus dangerous his views are perceived to be by the powers that be.

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