Time Travel: Al Bielek Travels to the 28th Century

In the last episode, Al Bielek (Ed Cameron) dives into the water with brother Duncan Cameron, with plans to swim ashore, after seeing the horrors of the disaster the Philadelphia Experiment did to the men, including brother JimInstead of hitting the cold water, they found themselves flying through clouds and blacked outWhen they awoke, they were in the hospital with radiation burns of the ionizing type, memories wiped and everything was cool, until an orderly turned on the TVA big screen television hung on the wall and best of all, it was in colorYou can imagine how they feltFor six weeks they recovered in the hospital and one day Al Bielek vanishedHe was sent by someone to the year, 2749 where he worked as a tour guide for 3 years, until they told him he'd have to return to the 20th CenturyThis woud be like someone telling you that you have to return to the 13th Century! How dreadful, so Al told them, 'No thanks!'They said you will go and he said, 'But I don't want to'They they said there are problems and you have to go back to solve them and so back he wentHe had to spend the rest of his life, living under a Nazi governmentIf you think this story is true, then good for youIf you want to believe, but you have questions, even betterThose who accept on faith are like the religious and are easily led, like sheepThose who ask questions are at the top of the heapI would not let you watch this testimony and lead you onThere are, you will find, some smelling salts, at the end

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