Largest Sun Eruptions 2012 - Beautiful and Amazing Solar Eruptions!

If you think my video was faked, check out the Unbelievable Examples of Forced Perspective HERE!!! 's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the most powerful solar flare eruption in 2012. The Sun has been very active in the last week. NASA scientists say our star flared up producing five major eruptions in two days that generated spectacular northern lights displays over the CME we reported on earlier today was obviously just a warm up to the latest blast: A beautiful prominence eruption producing a larger CME off the east limb (left side) of the sun on April 16, 2012 at about 17:45 UTC (1:45 pm EDT). The event, which also produced an solar flare, was not Earth-directed, say scientists from the Solar Dynamics Observatory. But says the blast confirms suspicions that a significant active region is rotating onto the Earth-side of the sun."Sun Eruptions 2012" "Sun Eruptions" "Sun Eruption" "Sun Eruption 2012" "Solar Eruptions" "Solar Eruptions 2012" "Solar Eruption" "Sun Blast" CME "CME sun" "solar activities" "solar activity" "sun activity" "solar 2012" "sun 2012" "solar activities 2012" "NASA solar"Largest Sun Eruptions 2012 - Beautiful and Amazing Solar Eruptions!

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