Negotiations underway for oil pipeline between Turkey and Israel

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Turkey's Tuscan holding has submitted a bid to Tel Aviv to build a 2.5 billion dollar pipeline from Israel to Turkey. Turkey and Israel have already begun negotiations for building a 470-kilometer gas pipeline. The pipeline will run under the sea from Israel to the southern Turkish city of Mersin. It is scheduled to import 40 million tons of petroleum annually. But Lebanon says the oil being transferred is from a well inside its maritime borders, making it Lebanese property. The dispute between Tel Eviv and Beirut could set off a new conflict, over the lucrative energy reserves. Journalist Hayrettin Turan from the Turkeyeh newspaper says the world is not seeing the new developments because all eyes are focused on the crisis in Syria. Israel up until now has been highly dependent on the imports so many Israeli officials are counting on the off shore gas findings, and hope they will eventually supply all their energy needs while enabling Tel Aviv to export as well. And that's why many believe Israel is trying to get its hands on the reserves as soon as it can. Lebanon's Energy Minister Gebran Bassil claimed back in 2011 that no Lebanese would accept either the renunciation of their energy resources or their maritime rights. Now we will have to wait and see what will become of this dispute as Israel seems keen on not only acquiring the natural gas but using Turkish pipelines to transfer it.

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