9/26/2013 -- New Pakistan Island -- METHANE rock rise (RAW VIDEO)

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9/26/2013 New Island forms off the shores of Pakistan Caused by METHANE rise -- Literally rocks infused with methane (originally incorrectly reported as a 'mud volcano' by media)Location now reported to be approximately 5km off the coast. (original reports @ 600 yards off shore). Also the island is bigger than originally reported. Now reported as the " Length of a football field" "Dozens of Pakistani villagers have sailed across to a new island that rose from the sea following Tuesday's earthquake. The land mass, 5km off the coast, is around the length of a football field and the width of a tennis court, according to geologists. Dead fish were reportedly found floating in the water nearby, and people have been warned to stay away -- but many villagers made the voyage regardless and took home stones as souvenirs. Scientists who visited the island on Wednesday to collect samples said the rocks were emitting methane post here: up post here -- pointing out the absurdity of saying this is mud (in reality it is clearly rock):

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