Israeli army lays siege to al-Aqsa compound

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The Israeli army has once again raided al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem al Quds and prevented all Muslims from entering their holy sanctuary. In the process of evacuating the al Aqsa compound, the Israeli army fired tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets at Muslim worshippers leaving dozens injured. The latest incident comes amidst 2 days of violence in the lead up to the Jewish holiday Sukkot. On Tuesday, the Israeli forces attacked Palestinians protesting settlers' attack on al-Aqsa. The Mufti of Jerusalem explained how the Israeli authorities are intensifying crackdown against Palestinians. Analysts believe that the increasing attacks signify Israel's plans to destroy al Aqsa mosque in order to build a Jewish Temple there. Darewaydeh also emphasized the importance of Jordan that remains in charge of protecting al Aqsa mosque, to pressurize Israel to halt the attacks against al Aqsa and change the Knesset' decision to allow Jewish settlers to perform prayers in the area. Over the past few days, Israel has arrested over a dozen Palestinians including several teenagers and has assaulted Jerusalem Mufti Sheikh Mohammad Hassan and minister of Jerusalem affairs Adnan Husseini, while Fatah leader Hatem Abdel Kader was hit with shrapnel in the face. Violence is escalating against the Palestinian residents as the Israeli forces lay siege to al Aqsa mosque and continue their attacks against those trying to protect the holy Islamic sanctuary

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