Jobar Militant Headquarters Discovered in Syria

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DAMASCUS (world) -25-9-2013 - correspondent in Syria reported that the Syrian army has been able to make significant progress in the area of ​​Jobar Rural Damascus, and seized control of most of the neighborhoods, after fierce battles with militants Front victory. The conflict rages about teachers Tower as revealing to areas Kaboun and Jobar in the outskirts of Damascus, which did not stop military operations in months until today. Jobar experiencing daily clashes hot hubs, where insurgents are considered an important center for them as the eastern entrance to Damascus via the Abbasids Square to the capital. A military source said to us that the Syrian troops advanced tanks that entered from the right of the point of building, transportation, and the left hand schools, denying the existence of any civilians in the areas of fighting even after 5 kilometers. Arab houses surrounding the school and a battalion music and marble plant down to the gym and 90 percent from sawmills whole roundabout new points to the concentration of the Syrian army units, while Parliament roundabout is still a violent clash front. Images attest that these neighborhoods were hot contact points, where insurgents are not only بالاقتتال above the earth, this area is full of a series of big spending. A military source said it was difficult for the militants to carry out booby-trapped building transportation, so they were using tunnels to get to the basis of building, Tfajikhh and targeting elements of the army, the elements of which enables the discovery of one of these tunnels during the offer. One of these tunnels on the outskirts of dizziness sawmills sneaking through which the gunmen, was targeted to achieve elements of the army a direct hit and successful. has also been discovered headquarters of car bombs, and the names of armed groups, and the strongholds of torture and hooks used by insurgents to torture Mkhtovém, and McCann use it to sharpen machetes. A military source said that the gunmen kidnapped the car and its owner and they are slaughtered and then booby-trapping his car and cancel her painting and detonated in one of the areas. Even today, seventy percent of the area is under the control of the Syrian army, military sources said.

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