Syria army launches operation to secure border with Lebanon

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This busy road--which connects the Syrian capital Damascus with Lebanon and the rest of the world-is one of few safe ways out of the city. But its seemingly normal situation can be a bit deceptive. With fighting going on near the airport highway and the international road linking Damascus to the Syria coast, many Syrians have decided to take this road to get to Beirut to leave the country. As a result the road to Beirut is very busy and strategic for both the Syrian government and the foreign-backed insurgents. Syrian army's preparation and presence along the road all the way to the Syrian - Lebanese borders is clear evidence of the importance of this area. The military operations by the Syrian army aim mainly at securing the Syrian- Lebanese borders and the main crossing point between them known as Al-Masna'a. The Syrian Army has also extended its operations to protect the highway between Damascus and the border station. But Syrian army's success has been achieved with a high human cost. On this list there are names of over thirty soldiers and officers who lost their lives in the course of the battles. One of the main tactics of the Syrian army is setting ambushes to trap the insurgents. Aware of the dangers lurking behind on the other side, these Syrian soldiers move with caution along the wires. The filming was also done strictly along the army guidelines to prevent compromising the location of the ambushes and record of previous successes. The border line is difficult to recognize in this area as villages are spread across the borders. This, along the haunting dangers lurking in the area make the operation of the Syrian army extremely difficult. This border is one of the main sources of supplies of weapons for the foreign-backed militants. Therefore whichever side that wants to win the battle, is destined to control these borders. And that's why the Syrian military's ambushes are hidden so well which allows them to hold their positions under any attack.

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