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Whistleblower AREA 51 J-Rod Full Length Extended Cut! 2013 Watch Now =)

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  • uploaded: Sep 28, 2013
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Whistleblower AREA 51 J-Rod Full Length Extended Cut! 2013 Watch Now =)Breaking News Area 51 Blown Wide Open! Best UFO Footage Of May 2013! Incredible UFO Video Visit Links!Hear the entire interview with whistleblower Ron Gardner & Jaime Maussan here And listen in & call into our live Third Phase of Moon radio show with host Dr. J Andy Elias at Thursdays 8-10 pm eastern standard time. We would love to hear what you think of the videos submitted to us on air, ask the guests questions & of course, tell your own amazing story live on the world's largest Internet radio station. The call in # is 347-474-7228 ext 818. And leave your suggestions for future guests in the comments!UFO Sightings Area 51 Disclosure Shocking Insight on J-Rod Whistle Blower Speaks Watch Now! C. Ronald Garner -- Producer l Writer --Stargate Productions since for 20th Century Fox -- Deluxe Laboratories -- Consolidated Films -- MGM Company Co-owner of Roswell UFO Enigma Museum (presently in storage), Roswell New Mexico Official Videographer / Photographer for the Society for ScientificExploration, Princeton Documentary Film Maker "WHAT REALLY HAPPENED ON 9 / 11?" and "INDICTMENT", an expose of Oklahoma City Bombing. Producer of more than 100 various video productions. UFO/ Paranormal Researcher for over 30 : "UFO Disclosure is Here Now America"& "Whistle Blowers Area 51", (In production as an e-Book) Talk show Producer; "Threshold', KIEV 870 AM -- &,KTLA, "Need to Know Radio" KTLK I150 AM * Line Producer TV Show, "The Other Side"Actor (as an expert of Area 51) in Oren Peli's successful feature series "Paranormal Activity" and, a new feature film called "AREA 51" now in post-production, with Paramount six part series "UFO/ET The Hidden Truth"Volcano UFO Portals Incredible UFOs Caught On Video Watch Now! 2013 51 Disclosure Shocking Insight on J-Rod Whistle Blower Speaks Watch Now! Stalked By UFO? Enhanced Footage Watch Now 2013 of UFO's Flying Over Moore, Oklahoma Tornado Disaster Area 2013 Sightings US Marine Captues UFO over Area 51 Sightings 3000 Year Old Carvings Proof Of Ancient Alien Abduction? If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook! Visit our new website

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  • chrisheath1829#

    chrisheath1829 October 7, 2013 6:04:05 AM CEST

    You all wish this wasn't true! and you can deny the feckin elephant in the lounge room all you like!!! They are out there!!!

  • jamesgodin5#

    jamesgodin5 October 4, 2013 12:09:38 AM CEST

    Complete bullshit. Aliens are fallen angels & any person peddling the story of U.FO.'S has fallen for the idea these beings are from some distant galaxy. Most of the facts are from these "aliens" have found to be bullshit.

  • thommystromdahl#

    thommystromdahl September 30, 2013 8:40:41 AM CEST

    Pff some loony comes with a story and you all believe it...

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