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  • Uploaded by CureX on Sep 29, 2013
  • Hits: 325

FEMA REGION III is going to be the start of the end of the world. Please repent and turn from your Sins, or stay here and sprinkle salt/pepper on your head to give the zombies a little flavor with there GOVT MADE THE ANNOUNCEMENT ON TWITTER ABOUT THE EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM thing Ya know The center for disease control came outta nowhere and made the following statement "THIS FALL (2013) THE UNITED STATES HEALTHCARE SYSTEM IS GOING TO BE OVERWHELMED WITH A VIRUS PANDEMIC" TURNS OUT THE UMBRELLA CORP IS ACTUALLY REAL. LOOK AT ALL THE LINKS BELOW AND TELL ME DIFFERENT CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL IS GOING TO INITIATE THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE BEFORE NIBIRU PASSES EARTH CORP WEAPONS RESEARCH GROUP A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE EVER HAPPENED BEFORE?? LIFE ZOMBIE MAP SHOWS THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES WILL BE IS THIS AN APP FOR YOUR PHONE? BIODEFENSE. WHAT IS ALL OF THIS FOR? million FDA approved integrated needle and syringe combination units 88 million FDA approved needles, safety engineered, of the following sizes: 23Gx1, 25Gx1, 25Gx5/8 88 million FDA approved 3ml Syringes, luer lock, safety engineered 600 million Isopropyl Alcohol Impregnated Prep Pads, sterile, individually sealed, small 300 million FDA approved integrated needle and syringe combination units (conventional) - See more at: # THE ILLUMINATI RELEASED THIS ARTICLE TODAY ALL OF THE WORLD WOULD FREAK OUT,SO THAT'S WHY THEY MADE SURE THIS ARTICLE WAS RELEASED BACK IN APRIL OF 2012. THEY WERE HOPING NO ONE WOULD REMEMBER THIS ARTICLE------ IS A CURSE OF "PESTILENCE" OUT PRINCE WILLIAM AND THE WORLD BANK ARE THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ZOMBIE CRAP . SEE HERE AND HERE

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