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MORE SO THEN JAPAN AS THE TRADE WINDS CARRY OVER TO THE USA AND CANADA EXAMPLE REMEMBER THE ASH FROM MOUNT SAINT HELEN'S BLEW EAST SENT TO ME BY AN EX CBC TV JOURNALIST TONIGHT THIS OFFICIAL MAP SINCE 2011 TO PRESENT TIMES SHOW YOU HOW THE RADIATION DUMP WORKS The number is much larger for the fuel rods, and as a result the re-calcs will make the end result much am not posting the new fuel rod count at this time, because there are a number of sources for the fuel rod increase. I have to determine which INCREASED number is the correct one. Just wanted to let you impact of Cs-137 pollution on Pacific curie (named after Madame Curie who discovered radation in a mineral called pitchblende) equals 37 BILLION Becquerels of uc = 37,000, radations per Cesium-137 it is 88 Curies per 1 gram of Cesium-137 is 3,256 billion becquerels per ,256,000,000,000 radations per second. 99,959,279,200,000 becquerels per second per ounce5,997,556,752,000,000 becquerels per minute from 1 ounce of are 1,231 spent fuel rods with about 35% is rod is 20,721 lbs cs-137322,160 oz of gm to 9,133,076 grams of cs-137 1231 fuel gram of Cesium-137 produces 3,256 billion becquerels of radation per the total radation per second from 9,133,076 grams of cs-137 is:29,737,298,640,498,000,000 atoms emitting radation per little doom here; We just might be dead but lets be cubic mile of sea water is 777,205,186,560,000 cubic is the Cubic Foot radation per second per cubic in 1 day there are 666, emitted radation happening in a cubic foot per day are about 63,800,000 miles pacific depth is about are 145,464,000 cubic miles in the Pacific has a double decay process of the time; first a beta ray, then a gamma each cubic foot of the entire Pacific Ocean will have Beta radation events per each cubic foot of the entire Pacific Ocean will have Gamma radation events per is the cs-137 radation breakdown pattern: [link to ] This describes what a Gamma ray is.[link to ] This describes what a Hertz is.[link to ] Gamma rays have higher energy than X-rays, and they are ionizing radation just like summary is 218 plus 206 divided by 34 or number 34 is the average background radation of the N. American Pacific Ocean will have a "radation fog" in every cubic foot of water that is times HIGHERthan the average background radation count of North american life will be effected in some manner; perhaps all fish will get impact on humanity is a shortage in sea swimming allowed until radation levels abate to a "safe level"; ... in about ???FAIR USE ACT: Any use of copyright material is incidental and for scientific and/or educational for looking MY OTHER VIDEOS ON THIS CHANNEL ARE FREE ENERGY, ANTIGRAVITY , GUN CONTROL , PEOPLE EVENTS UFOS,ALIENS LOL WEATHER STORMS HUTCHISON EFFECT GHOSTS ENTITIES , MACHINE TOOLS , OCEAN ADVENTURES WTC 911 NIST FOIA RELEASED INFO LASERS , HOW TO , INTERVIEWS SCIENTISTS , MY CRAZY IMITATIONS OF FOLKS LIKE KARLA KNIPTION PEARS MORGAN , JUST GO THREW THE PLAYLISTS FOR YOUR INTEREST links for you :Highlander232234/ POSSABLE

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