George Carlin Illuminati New World Order Exposed

  • Uploaded by Renseor on Sep 30, 2013
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A great piece by George Carlin, taken from his album "Life Is Worth Losing" in 2005. He talks about the Global Elite ''our owners''. He was well aware of the New World Order and in his own way he managed to spread the truth extremely successful with comedy. Listen to this clip! You will be amazed! George you are being missed!!! Related Movies by Killuminati 331:Illuminati Exposed by Tupac PART 1 Carlin Illuminati New World Order controls Dutch Sheople Exposed Illuminati : Subjects:George Carlin Illuminati Freemasons Bush NWO New World Order 2012 9/11 Obama life is worth losing Owners Truth Illuminati New World Order nwo Chemtrails Amsterdam Toxic Poison Conspiracy Government The Netherlands alex jones new world world order september Bush Obama Zionism Freemasonry Freemason Bohemian Grove Skull and Bones Bilderberg Group Chemtrails UN Satan Devil Religion Truth Seekers Expose Exposed Exposing

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