Syria army shield the capital operations in full swing

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Damascus (the world) 30/09/2013 Syrian army face strong blows to the positions of militants in the capital and the shield that aims to cleanse Damascus of them. And imposed units of the army laid siege to the militants in Zamalka and Jobar, and targeted sites and fortifications them in Zabadane and Darya المعضمية and always has been destroyed. The process still ongoing capital shield at a time when the armed opposition sharp divisions between rival factions originally. Has begun Syrian troops and according to sources, are stationed at points of a new area of ​​Jobar, especially after cutting the supply of militants in Zamalka and Jobar and Orbin and trapping the rest of the gunmen in the axis northern countryside, DC, operations resulted in the deaths of a number of militants in Zamalka Balgoth East by targeting their communities. He said one of the elements Syrian army Almhakerin the process in a statement to the world: We have come a supply route and put Digm the military and berms to prevent infiltration in advanced areas to prevent the infiltration of terrorists into this region. In the western axis made of heavy artillery injuries directly into the fortifications gunmen Bdaria and المعضمية, units of the Syrian army clashed with armed groups on the north-west axis the Tlvia hand area Kalamoon in Damascus, killing scores of militants. He said one element of the Syrian army to the world: the target was cut off supplies to terrorist groups, was infiltrating terrorist groups have come about supplies and we dealt with it was the elimination of a group of them. He said another element of the Syrian army said in a statement to the world: We reveal the areas that Hsnoha before and they are Bthchinha now, having spending is the reason for our progress slow to this area, but this area is controlled to some extent bridge Almazemih will it best be, God willing. The road to the airport for the scene seems more pronounced after the control of the Syrian army on the Shebaa in East Gouta, while the army launched an operation against militants in points ارتكازهم the Balqasmih, In Zabadani sign military Syrian deaths and injuries in the ranks of the insurgents. To the Syrian army continued PDC insurgent positions in the hills of Rima and Salehia farms surroundings Yabrood completed the Syrian army siege on Al-Nasim within the town Nabek. Military also targeted groups of gunmen in Douma and destroyed the operations room belonging to the so-called battalion, "the banner of Islam."

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