LANTAC DGN556B Dragon Muzzle Brake Promo Video

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the DGN556B Dragon muzzle brake from LANTAC USA from ultra hard military spec steel and finished with a QPQ Nitride corrosion resistant surface treatment, the Dragon manages recoil and muzzle climb like no other unique Patent Pending design harnesses blast gas and utilizes it in the most efficient way possible. Our Short, Energy, Pulse (SEP) system allows the shooter to instantly recover between shots meaning that knock back from muzzle recoil is completely Fast Attenuation of blast gas also means that the break has less overpressure and is quieter to run too. Its forward flash signature is also reduced as compared to standard two port fast semi auto fire is possible with no muzzle movement and full auto fire is tamed so that all shots fall on video features one of our select fire rifles the LANTAC LA-M4 with a 13'' 1:7 Twist martensistic steel barrel. Carbine Length Gas, Direct used was GGG 62Gr 556X45mm. The rifle is chambered .223 shooter is deliberately holding the rifle in a standard and weaker position to modern shooting styles, so that no pressure is being exerted on the top of the handguard rail to fight muzzle climb. The brake is having to do all the work spec of all the equipment shown:LANTAC Battle Raven LA-M4 Select Fire 30Rnd PMAGMagpul CTR Stock & Enhanced .070'' PadMagpul ASAP PlateMagpul MS3 SlingMagpul MOE+ GripBCM Gunfighter MOD3 Charging HandleDaniel Defense 10'' Lite Rail HandguardTroy Industries Front & Rear Folding Battle SightsElcan 1-4X DR Specter RAID, M720V WeaponlightLANTAC DGN556B Dragon Muzzle BrakeMuzzle Brake and Rifle System are all pre treated with Froglube is the only cleaner and lubricant we recommend and use ourselves.

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