an alien base on MARS (by MATTEO IANNEO)

From my studies conducted on the surface of the planet Mars, NASA using the maps with the tool of Google Earth, I found many faults, I want to introduce this new, which I had guarded and is part of my collection of books that will go out soon. It is a geometric structure to the following coordinates 43 ° 5'4 .06 "N 18 ° 52'29 .70″ E, this property is about 230 meters long and 30 meters wide. It appears to be a training geometric blocks of the same shape. I do not think that it is error pixels and more. this training is a real structure which is still there on that planet. Each of you can observe and draw their own conclusions. I am an Italian researcher known to the world for having discovered the face of Gandhi on Mars but I made many discoveries. Greetings to you and follow me at all times. MATTEO IANNEO Italian researcher thank you

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