Fighting continues in Yarmouk refugee camp Syria

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Into the newly cleared areas of Al-Yarmouk camp we enter, through roads that were once haunted by snipers and where running was the only way in and out of the devastated camp. Palestinian fighters mainly from the popular front to liberate Palestine have recently managed to advance and clear several blocks taking it back from the insurgents. We are standing inside Al-Yarmouk camp with the Palestinian factions that are trying to liberate the camp from the foreign backed insurgents you can see behind me the destruction that the intense fighting has left here. As we go into the buildings, we see writings and logos that insurgents left here vowing to enter Damascus and take it. As we go deeper in what was the insurgents' main command and control center in AL-Yarmouk we see other but more deadly marks of the militants - explosive devices and grenades. Moreover, we can see the route the insurgents took while leaving the scene through tunnels. We are standing in a house in Al-Yarmouk camp where Palestinian militia men are telling us that this is the entrance of a tunnel that was used by the insurgents to try and override Palestinian fighters attempt to liberate the camp this tunnel stretches for over two hundred meters underground and it went all the way to Al-Regie square - They also told us they filled it with chlorine to prevent anyone from using the tunnel as it is prepared to kill everyone who is trying to use the insurgents tunnel against them. We go on with our trip and move towards Al-Raigeh square that many think will be the turning point for the battle of the camp, Palestinian fighters have been advancing towards this pivotal square from different direction and now they are within meters from it. The fight in Al-Yarmouk isn't easy as the difficult terrain creates a daily challenge, with guerillas moving towards houses that have been completely altered by the other side's fortifications. This is because opposition fighters had over a year in which to fortify their position digging tunnels and changing every building into a trap. The insurgent faction fighting in Al-Yarmouk calls itself the Ibn Tiemia battalion and comprises mainly of foreign fighters with good combat expertise. That is according to sources inside the Palestinian resistance factions. The question which remains now is when will the fighting end and what will be the price.

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