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Jeruk Purut Cemetery Ghosts - Haunted Indonesia

SUBSCRIBE & JOIN THE FAMILY. Please follow us on twitter at like our facebook page at #!/pages/Dorset-Ghost-Investigators/259833150723729Jeruk Purut Cemetery Paranormal: Jeruk Purut, A cemetery in Jakarta is said to be haunted by the ghost of a decapitated pastor which carries its head around with it, among other spirits, and is followed by a large black dog. The story was used as the inspiration for the 2006 film Hantu Jeruk Purut is a cemetery in Jakarta, Indonesia. Jeruk Purut Layout:Jeruk Purut covers a total area of hectares ( km2; sq mi). It is located in South with Kalibata Heroes Cemetery and Karet Bivak and Menteng Pulo public cemeteries, Jeruk Purut is one of the better maintained cemeteries in Jakarta. Jeruk Purut History:The cemetery was expanded with wakaf land (land donated for religious purposes) in the mid-2000s, which resulted in the eviction of several squatters. In 2007, burials averaged 300 per month. As of 2007, Jeruk Purut is one of few cemeteries in Jakarta capable of expansion. Jeruk Purut Legends:According to local belief, Jeruk Purut is haunted by the ghost of a decapitated pastor. The ghost is said to carry its head around with it, and be followed by a large black dog. He is reportedly looking for his grave, which is said to not be in Jeruk Purut but Tanah Kusir to The Jakarta Post, the belief has been around for decades. The Jakarta Globe notes that many visit the cemetery at night to look for it; it is said to only appear on Friday nights when those looking for it are in groups with an odd number of people. The story was used as the inspiration for the 2006 film Hantu Jeruk Purut (The Ghost of Jeruk Purut), which led to a burst in popularity for the ghosts are reported to abide in the cemetery. They include a child and large hairy ghoul. In 2011, Prambors FM chose Jeruk Purut Cemetery as the scariest place in Jakarta, based on the legend of the headless pastor. It was selected over Lubang Buaya, the site where the corpses of several generals were dumped after an unsuccessful coup, as well as a bridge in Casablanca, a train crossing in Bintaro, and a house in Pondok credit to:Kevin MacLeod ()".Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution " for Images in video:This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Unported LicenseThis file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike Generic You to this source:

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