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Comet? After Sunset - September 27 2013

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Oct 1, 2013
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We've been watching the sky after sunset and for about a week now we've seen multiple stars pop up right after the sun goes down. This one developed a tail over the past week or so. Originally I just assumed this was a plane and/or a chemtrail of sorts, it doesn't move across the sky. This thing has been getting brighter and its tail has developed from a dot, to a hash mark, to a full blown tail during this past week. It resembles a plane's trail but it clearly follows the celestial path and doesn't move about. IF anyone can tell me what this is, please do so. This is not comet s1 ISON because that is on the opposite side of the sun and nowhere near as bright right now. I wondered if it was pan-starrs but I think that comet was like 6 months ago.

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