Protesters rally outside White House to slam Netanyahu visit

  • Uploaded by grimghost on Oct 1, 2013
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Protesters have gathered in front of the White House for the Prime Minister's visit. They say they're here to voice their concerns over Israel's policy in the Middle East Region. Chanting phrases like, "Down with Israel" and "Free, free Palestine," members of various organizations expressed their disappointment with Barack Obama's diplomacy with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he visited the White House. The protest just behind the police barricade was put together abruptly upon learning of the PM's meeting with Obama. But that didn't decrease the protesters' passion who demanded an end to the imprisonment and persecution of Palestinian people. Some onlookers who watched Netanyahu pull into the White House driveway, urged for the dismantlement of Israel. The only counter-protester who stood amongst the other demonstrators ridiculed President Obama for failing to accept a more pro-Israel position. Noor Mir from CODEPINK says that Netanyahu's influence over the US in sanctioning Iran is counterproductive to world peace. She shouted at the Prime Minister as he exited his limo to meet with Obama. It's unclear whether Israel's Prime Minister heard the voices of protesters as he was quickly ushered inside the White House but it's not for the lack of activists trying. Protesters say they won't stop here. Some will continue to the United Nations this week where the Prime Minister is expected to attend.

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