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Biometric Creep: Anonymous Investigates iPhone 5s and the Ugly Leviathan Stalker State


  • properREDeye#online

    properREDeye October 5, 2013 4:05:23 PM CEST

    Not being funny but you would have to have lived in a cave to trust that a technology that gathers biometric data would not be used for bad. We know the US authorities will bully, threaten and bribe compaies into compliance, this is now proven, no longer conspiracy theory but conspiracy fact!!! And since they already have a foot in the door with apple you can guarantee they have built a little back door for them. I am not a criminal, i have nothing to hide but i dont want my biometric data circulated amongst any organisations who have no business with it including police. This is about my rights and freedoms and if you choose to give your identity away to and for the use of a phone, then you are a moron, even more so if you pay the £500 retail price for the privelage of giving them your information, which they will inevitably profit off again by reselling your information to advertising call centres

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