LA workers strike over

A large group of workers in Los Angeles county have walked off the job to rally for more money. The public demonstration is the largest in L.A. county in decades. More than 5-thousand workers are risking their jobs to fight for America's middle class. Workers say they're tired of working long hours for low wages while seeing corporations make all the profits. The demonstration comes after contract talks broke down between the workers and the leaders of Los Angeles county. The county employs about 100-thousand people and the workers say it's time for a raise. Union officials say the county is refusing to negotiate for a higher wage. Officials say the workers have paid the sacrifice for the recession and now deserve their fair share. The protest comes during the 2 year anniversary of Occupy Los Angeles protests. Union officials say the county could use the message of Occupy by going after the loopholes that allow corporations and the 1 percent to avoid paying taxes. Workers are also protesting cost-saving cutbacks in departments like child care services. Social workers say they can't handle their caseloads with the resources the county provides. The protest is part of a nationwide movement of low-wage workers standing up for their rights. Social worker Jessi Gonzalez says it's clear that they will have to fight for what they're owed. County leaders have responded to the protest by agreeing to resume negotiations. Depending on the negotiations, workers may decide to go on strike until their demands are met.

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