Uganda slams west over peddling in Africa's domestic affairs

Museveni's latest attack on the west comes as country's neighbor Kenya struggles to defend President Uhuru Kenyatta over crimes against humanity. According to Museveni, the ICC is a shallow western-driven institution that cannot solve Africa's problems many of which he says are ideological in nature and not based on the principles of international law. Museveni's attack on the western-based ICC has drawn support across Uganda's political divide with lawmakers rallying behind Africa's move to withdraw her membership from the body. But a few legislators are opposed to the move, arguing that Africa's withdrawal from the ICC would set a bad precedence for leaders who could take advantage of the absence of the court to commit crimes against humanity. ICC field office in Kampala however say the body does not investigate any crimes against humanity in Africa which is not submitted to the court by the sovereign states themselves. It's not clear when Uganda's Parliament will formally move a motion for the country to withdraw its membership from the ICC. But what is clear is that many African countries are opposed to the way ICC is handling Africa's affairs which many say is selective in nature.

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