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Incredible video of D.C. car chase


  • properREDeye#

    properREDeye October 5, 2013 3:48:32 PM CEST

    Couldnt have put it better Philbo. That was bad police work altogether, murder has no place in law enforcement and neither does creating a shoot out. I didnt see this woman display intent to shoot anyone and most police units have the ability to end a car chase, there was no reason for anyone to lose their life that day. Their concern was her proximity to a memorial...? I dont understand why that is relavent, they pursued her to it. There must have been a point where they could see it was getting dangerous and they should have either backed off, ended the chase with a stinger or gently coaxed her in a different direction. This is just a continuation of the poisonous fear mongering campaign the authorities are waging on the public, constricting rights and redistributing wealth by creating so much fear in the country it foregoes the rights their ancestors fought for

  • Liddo777#

    Liddo777 October 5, 2013 5:42:59 AM CEST

    I see no damage on the vehicle that would suggest the exaggerated ramming of a gate. Perhaps, she made a mistake, got scared for her child's safety, and attempted to find safety. Mothers, don't usually prepare themselves on how to react properly to such intimidation; further fear may have been fueled by the guns being pointed towards her child. Depending on the prospects belief, she can either appear to be seen as frightened, reactive and aggressive. In this case, the police reacted to the assumed, worst case scenario. Did the police discern if she was reacting on fear or aggression? Many who know her could probably confirm her intent to attack is not like her. Who would bring their own child along on an attack? They used full force, which they have been trained and given clearance to use. The police in this incident are located in high risk areas; are trained to protect from what you would expect a worst case scenario to be. If you every played that game called, "Telephone" where a message is passed down a circle of people and the last person to hear the message has a different message than the original message. The communication moving though the high number of authority and people in that area could have experienced the same results as, the Telephone game. There is a chance, the police and people could have reacted to hearing an attack was taking place. Perhaps, more efforts should have been made to have Miriam Carey intent understood before force was used, but now that question can only be answered with bias, since Miriam true intents can't be spoken for directly. Though, we are starting to hear reports of her going on errands. Somewhere, there's a hole in the procedure used. Perhaps, if any light can come out of this; it would be to review how the police followed protocol, from beginning to end. It may have been or seem justified at the beginning, but did the risk of situation decline as her vehicle stopped at the end? Would a child being in the back seat hint, just a scared and confused person? Could she have been considered unarmed at that point? Or again, is there a hole in the protocol that would not allow it? Many would believe, if the police ran out of bullets, she could have been subdued easily.

    The media may have chosen to go with the information from the person at the end of the Telephone game; and reported news to indirectly make it sound like an attack to the public. This would be a good media strategy to get the viewer numbers up. The media is just being the media and people get high on that kind of news. Perhaps, with all the money the media made, they can provide the child with amends to life and put focus on reviewing the protocol used in efforts to strengthen it. Also, perhaps we the viewers could make better efforts to discern truth before judgement. We do tend to make decisions with the masses, whom majority wise may not have the full picture. After all, how many of us first heard the news explained with gun shots, downed police, attack, and car ramming gate.

    Bless our children's future

    Kind Regards,


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  • Philbo1965uk#

    Philbo1965uk October 4, 2013 8:53:36 PM CEST

    You Americans are inhumane monsters.We don't want your brand of democracy ever here in the UK.
    Murdering an unarmed women with a child in the car.

    Since when does a driving offence warrant being shot dead as a penalty?

    Your whole country is at the opposite end of Islamic extremism...but just as outrageous.

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