***SAUFOTX***....2003-2006 RAW UNCUT U.F.O FOOTAGE VOL.1 ....

  • Uploaded by Trip on Oct 4, 2013
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Next few month's look for a series of Dvd's..Starting with SAUFOTX Vol.1 RAW UN-CUT U.F.O Footage...Followed by 2005-2012 UFO FOOTAGE ANALYZED.. .....DVD's will be Available for Streaming Online at saufotx.com..... Here is an Exclusive Inside Look at....SAUFOTX Raw Uncut Vol.1...U.F.O footage,taken in 2003-2006..You can clearly see these U.F.O's and their flightpattern's.With some reference points such as tree top's/roof top's..Most of the video's were filmed over the S/E side of San Antonio,Tx.The video consist of glowing orb's of energy,that seem to be traveling on its own power.Not blown by the wind.These object's are clearly not aircrafts/weatherballoons/satellites..

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