One Consciousness We are all LOVE Part 1

  • Uploaded by IamSHE on Oct 5, 2013
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Table of Contents Below. Using XtraNormal (free) animation & no "special effects", in 2012 I wrote a story (loaded with hard research) about humans needing to have no thing (nothing with blinding ego, tradition, fundamentalist ritual, etc.) to find "home" through empathy. I also try to destroy (nicely) all comforts humans find in doing what is found in comfy blind routines, traditions, & "go fetch" trend chasing. There are explanations (or clues) to how humans have been manipulated, how there is a war going on which humans don't notice, how plasma orbs, chemtrails, ufo, genetic mutilation/manipulation, etc. etc. are part of it. (There are more chapters after this but it would not fit in the YouTube Editor). A draft, of course, but I enjoyed doing it so I thought I'd stick the first chapters together (there are those Xtranormal blurbs, but keep in mind, they were separate 2012 upload originally). 00:00:00 Chapter 1 One - False Consciousness Base & .09 00:02:08 Chapter 2 Two - A GOOGLE of False Consciousness 00:09:32 Chapter 3 Three - .09 Explains C.R.A.T.E. (CRATE) 00:12:14 Chapter 4 Four - All Seeing Eye 00:18:26 Chapter 5 Five - "I am named L.E.G.I.O.N. (LEGION)..." 00:23:36 Chapter 6 Six - God is Not a Definition 00:29:59 Chapter 7 Seven - Diversion Party Secrets 00:32:57 Chapter 8 Eight - Secrets in the Clouds 00:35:46 Chapter 9 Nine - Designed Disaster in the Clouds 00:40:55 Chapter 10 Ten - Shitty Paper Cups & Kings 00:46:23 Chapter 11 Eleven - Killing Manna 00:48:54 Chapter 12 Twelve - Allergic to Enlightenment 00:51:26 Chapter 13 Thirteen - inNeR evolution (Bot's Song of Gene Manipulation) 00:59:01 Chapter 14 Fourteen - Life Support - Vital Connection 01:02:16 Chapter 15 Fifteen - Bot's Song of Saints 01:02:42 Chapter 16 Sixteen - "Is there anyone out there?"

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