One Consciousness We are all LOVE Part 2

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Table of Contents Below. Using XtraNormal (free) animation & no "special effects", in 2012 I wrote a story (loaded with hard research) about humans needing to have no thing (nothing with blinding ego, tradition, fundamentalist ritual, etc.) to find "home" through empathy. I also try to destroy (nicely) all comforts humans find in doing what is found in comfy blind routines, traditions, & "go fetch" trend chasing. There are explanations (or clues) to how humans have been manipulated, how there is a war going on which humans don't notice, how plasma orbs, chemtrails, ufo, genetic mutilation/manipulation, etc. etc. are part of it. (There are more chapters, but I cannot, w/YouTube Editor, fit them in). A draft, of course, but I enjoyed doing it so I thought I'd stick more of the chapters together (there are those Xtranormal blurbs, but keep in mind, they were separate 2012 uploads originally). 00:00:00 Chapter Sixteen 16 - "Is there anyone out there?" (End) 00:00:49 Chapter Seventeen 17 - Cloud on Your Pillow 00:05:21 Chapter Eighteen 18 - Cross Over 00:08:09 Chapter Nineteen 19 - Plasma Pudding 00:11:23 Chapter Twenty 20 - In Whose Image? 00:14:55 Chapter Twenty One 21 - Warning! You are the Monster Mash! 00:28:14 Chapter Twenty Two 22 - Orbs' Well 00:29:56 Chapter Twenty Three 23 - Plasma Orbs & Con Fusion 00:34:49 Chapter Twenty Four 24 - Sophisticated Mimic-Whose Dream Was This? 00:35:19 Chapter Twenty Five 25 - Pelvic Thrust Olympics-Culturing Time 00:44:37 Chapter Twenty Six 26 - Bot Sings About Booblessness 00:45:06 Chapter Twenty Seven 27 - Sportals - Using Ancient Spore to Build Portals 00:47:02 Chapter Twenty Eight 28 - Home is Where the Heart Is

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