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Huge UFO Mother Ship In Hong Kong

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  • uploaded: Oct 5, 2013
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Please like and subscribe for more videos, also check out my channel!A mother ship was recorded over the night sky of Hong Kong in January 2012, strange sounds that match what has been heard around the world, seemed to emanate from the craft. As a point of note, the ADG where the first to make the connection between some of these sounds and UFOs, watch the video below, to much ridicule as I recall, mainly from the windbag academics who have turned the UFO community into a freak show for the mentally impaired, and CGI addicts. Not blowing my own trumpet here, but the ADG have always been way ahead of the curve, as you will find out shortly. Keep watching. Peace UFO Emits Terrifying Sound? 2012 report in Primrose Hill after mystery deep humming sound in Germany / with english subs ! Groans Or HAARP Warfare? - The Strange Sound Phenomenon: sounds in Conklin, Alberta Jan. 12/2012 sounds 2012 manitoba canada (the pas) SOUNDS sound in Czech Republic. Scary sounds on Earth - 1 (US TV) Rumbling Sound - Maryland US STRANGE SOUNDS FROM BUDAPEST HUNGARY January 11th 2012 Sounds Costa Rica 2012 Sounds in Colorado Before Earthquake Facebook: ADG on Twitter:

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  • Aerodynamic1#

    Aerodynamic1 October 6, 2013 3:47:54 PM CEST

    Hey man, really enjoyed this video, thanks for posting. I know there are some hoaxes re these noises, but I think that, as with crop circles, the real phenomenon preceded the fakes. These sounds remind me of machine language, which I used to be able to pick up on short wave radio. Of course those were entirely terrestrial as it was simply data being transferred between computers, so I wonder if these sounds might actually have data embedded, some sort of binary language. It may be so different from anything we understand that it's just noise to us. Wonder if anyone's analyzed the sounds for patterens.

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