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Concealed carry kills robber at Dollar store

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -Police say a customer in the Dollar General store on Monday night fired three shots, killing one of two armed robbers. The second suspect was arrested and is facing several charges, including murder because his partner died during the commission of a Clicks JSO: Customer shoots, kills robberThe Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said the customer had a .45-caliber handgun that he was licensed to carry when the two robbers went in the store on Dunn Avenue just before 9 armed with CO2 cartridge said Rakeem Odoms, 19, and Aundre Campbell, 22, approached the manager and asked for customer, a business owner in his 50s who police have not named, heard the commotion, approached with his gun drawn and ordered the two men to drop their guns. Police said Campbell did, but Odoms did not. He was shot three Odoms and Aundre Campbell Odoms (left in photo) was dead by the time the first police officers said Campbell ran from the store and left in an SUV, but a family member called the Sheriff's Office and told officers where they could find him. By late Tuesday morning, Campbell was in custody charged with armed robbery, felony murder and said robbery detectives are looking at these two suspects in connection with other recent robberies in Jacksonville. A records check finds Odoms had previous arrests only for property crimes and a traffic Lt. Rob Schoonover said the customer was visibly upset when he was interviewed by homicide detectives that night."He was in a business shopping, minding his own business," Schoonover said. "He put himself in harm's way by getting involved. To me, that's an extraordinary person to do that."Schoonover said the customer's actions prevented any further violence from Odoms, Rakeem's mother, described her son as funny and being loved by everybody, and she was shocked by what happened."I just can't believe it took place and it happened, but things happen and we make bad choices, and sometimes we have to deal with bad consequences," she said. "I'm not mad to the other person that was involved. I'm not mad. And God has the last say so to everything, and right now he's holding me up and keeping me strong, and I thank God for the support and the family."Neisha Kelly, Campbell's girlfriend, said he also made a bad choice."Both of them were wrong from what happened, so I don't know, wrong is wrong, right is right," Campbell marked the sixth time in Jacksonville in the last year and a half an armed suspect was shot and killed during the commission of a crime.

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