Egypt continues destroying Gaza tunnels

Gaza's hardships continue amid Israel's relentless economic blockade. This as Egypt's military-backed government is pressing ahead with trashing tunnels along its northern border with Gaza Strip. The Egyptian military announced late Friday that since the beginning of this year, it has destroyed 794 tunnels. The underground passages are considered as vital arteries for Gaza's population of over 1.7 million who are dependent on them for many vital supplies such as badly-needed medicines. The Egyptian military's wave of destruction which was intensified following the ouster of President Mohammad Morsi brought the number of unusable or destroyed tunnels to one thousand and fifty five since 2011. The ripples of this wanton destruction have reached most people in Gaza. Gas stations are empty and acute shortages of fuel force people to wait for long periods of time just to get home or go to work. All sectors in Gaza have for several years relied on commodities coming through the tunnels to circumvent the Israeli embargo. Egypt military says it is determined to destroy the remaining tunnels which many here believe are less than a hundred. Meanwhile, Palestinian civil society organizations represented by the Non Governmental Organizations Network (PNGO) has demanded an immediate lifting of Israel's illegal siege. The crackdown comes as Israel maintains a tight air, sea and land blockade and keeps its only commercial crossing with Gaza closed most of time. Egypt's ongoing crackdown on tunnels and Israel's crippling blockade on the Gaza Strip has made daily life harder for people living the coastal enclave. Gazans blame the Arab and international silence for their endless suffering.

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