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UFO 2013 - Time Travelers Caught on Tape (HD)

  • Uploaded by Trip on Oct 7, 2013
  • Hits: 5942

The possibilty of time travel changes everything.. i present to you some photo's and a video fragment that are at least suspicious in nature, and might suggest time travel is possible. I have uploaded this video before, but realized i had to make some slight adjustments. Also watch: Grey Aliens Caught on tape (VERY SCARY!!): 4.6 Million views and counting! Also watch: Grey Aliens Caught on tape 2 (VERY SCARY!!): 500.000 views and counting! Also watch: Ghost Activity Caught on Tape (VERY CREEPY!!): Also watch: Time Travelers Caught on tape: AwvIYtwx_8 Also watch: UFO's Caught on Tape (Amazing Footage!!): Also watch: Bigfoot Caught on tape: Also watch: MARS Anomalies Caught on tape:

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