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Typhoon Fitow Back Flow

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Typhoon Fitow triggered river back flows in many parts of east China's Zhejiang Province on Sunday, flooding villages and hampering local traffic. In Yuhuan County, the back flow left many shops along the streets flooded with water. The local government has already built a levee to prevent flooding, but it quickly failed in the face of the fast rising water level. In Yongjia County, the local port has been flooded due to the rising water level of the Ou River, halting local ship transportation since 10:00 in the morning. The water also flooded streets in the county, affecting local traffic. Residents were also busy removing water from their houses. Typhoon Fitow also affected the city of Ruian as the local port has been flooded, with the water level exceeding one meter in the deepest flooded area. Some fishermen have started to evacuate. The flood also affected local traffic, with many vehicles stopping on higher ground to wait for the water to recede. http:/ ctualidad.rt.com/

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