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Best UFO evidence 2013 - SHOCKING NASA 2013 TRIPLE UFO

  • Uploaded by Grey on Oct 8, 2013
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Confirmed UFO COUGHT ON FILM ? - SECRET NASA VIDEO LEAKED - @ ISS SECRET NASA VIDEO LEAKEDSHOCKING NASA 2013 NEW UFO'sat 0:37 center screen / 1:00 down right / 1:18 center right(i only added the sound)Triple UFO 2013 aliens leaving earthSCARY - 3 UFOs leaving the earth's orbit3 disc or ball shapeed UFOs returning to space where cought on camera aboard the ISSIncredible UFO caught In earths orbittriple ufo formation seen throug the outer camaras on the ISS 3 UFO auf Kamera durch Fliege gefangen3 3 UFO3 3 OVNI captado por la cmara de marcha3 UFO fngad p kameran med fluga3 ovni passer travers la station spatiale3 ufo

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