Confessions of a child sniper recruited by an armed group in Syria

The child said Shaaban in confessions aired Syrian television yesterday: "The empty-Aziz asked me to join a group he belongs called" Forgive me my daddy "of the" descendants of the Prophet "and offered a sum of money is better than that أتقاضاه in my work and said he would buy me a gun أتباهى in front of my friends. " He added: "I joined the group and stayed about 3 months and bought empty my gun, small caliber" five-letter "and trained me to use snipers for almost a month, where he was proven between the tree branches in chrome for not being able to carry Upon completion of the training proved snipers on the roof of building against Bridge logo Aleppo and asked me to shoot at civilians, military and any civilian or military vehicle. " Shaaban noted that نوبته on Hunting from 7 am until the fourth afternoon, pointing out that the aunt was working sniper. He continued: "I أقنص military personnel who ascend from the western edge of the bridge and civilians who are coming out of the oven and the cars that you أقنص drivers were left comes up empty-Aziz and his group and take them", pointing out that his uncle was telling groups of the descendants of the Prophet, which will step up to the bridge for not Guensa. He said the child Shaaban "I kill every day since I receive for snipers people or 3 people, mostly civilians, were empty Aziz feels happy when he was come and ask me about the number of people killed and if the upset of one of the persons was asking me to kill him after he gives me the specifications." He said his uncle was give him the specifications of the gunmen who was at odds with them to Guensm and give him 500 pounds or a thousand pounds reward for each person Iguens. The child said Shaaban: "fired on the soldiers on the bridge several times and I every time I kill one or two and when they pay attention to the presence of a sniper I was afraid and stop sniping and contact Boukhala who had come with three armed men standing at the entrance of construction so that they can get me out if exposure to the building to attack" . And confessed that he killed about 10 soldiers and 13 civilians and 9 gunmen, and stressed that the mission ended when he fled his father to the city of Hama in order not to keep working with the armed group, noting that he was able to kill anyone because he is accustomed to it.

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