10/7/2013 -- Frequency pollution 101 -- Large area of background clutter develops

Not what we would normally call "RADAR pulses" or "HAARP rings" --- rather a huge area (1/2 of the continental United States) where each RADAR station is showing extreme "background clutter". Although we have cold temperatures and low humidity here in St. Louis, Missouri for instance -- the entire area from STL east showing a massive area of ionization (caused by the ground based RADAR).This NON-targeted excessive frequency pumping has (in the past) led to long term storm activity lasting DAYS. Not a typical HAARP ring event, where we could possibly determine an 'epicenter' of a pulse -- instead this is an entire continental wide series of RADAR stations all producing the SAME relative 'appearance' , producing the same steady high return. In reality, its a clear night in most of these areas, with low humidity. Even though actual STORMS are being detected, and rain is returning on the information on the topic of weather modification via frequency:Well over 100 documented cases of RF (radio frequency) pulses causing weather phenomenon: news on the topic of frequency induced weather modification -- from Dr. Michio Kaku : can frequency induce CCN (cloud condensation nuclei)? Here is a real life example: created via microwaves (laboratory experiment): ____________Longer explanation of RADAR pulses / 'HAARP rings' / Scalar Squares: much more on the topic of frequency manipulation of the weather here:

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