Stewart Swerdlow on Mind control -Aliens or not - 4 hours

Uploaded for YouTube Playlist: Subject of this upload: I did not upload this to promote Aliens, but when things like e.g. the cremation of care ceremony is going on -By the Royal, global elite and all the religious leaders of the world, and their goal is to KILL YOU? Well, then ANYTHING could be possible at this point in time if you ask me . . . My point in posting this: They might as well be Aliens or what ever, we sure as hell do NOT need these creatures here on this planet !!! Also search on youtube for Discovery Channel´s "CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE" or click here: I DO NOT SEE "THEM" AS HUMAN AT ALL !!! 4 hours long --- NEW: Operation Northwoods - Printer & Reader friendly + PNAC --- Also watch: WORLD WAR 3: The documentary --- BOSTON BOMBING COVERUP Also watch: When facts become fiction in the name of global dictatorship Boston bombing 2013 was a Reichstag false flag event Military & police training is over - They are now ready to KILL you Glenn Beck Gives Obama Till Monday to Admit Boston Bombing was an Inside Job Glenn Beck- Boston Bombing- Update on Saudi National Story Boston Bombing Facts Blocked By Facebook --- Med venlig hilsen Jakob Lauersen fra Radio FRIHED interviewet: AGENDA 21: Globalt diktatur på Dansk - Dokumentar ---

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