Moon Weebl and Bob

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Oct 8, 2013
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Weebl and Bob take a short trip to the moon. A very short Weebl and Bob CONNECTED:Check out our Facebook us on Twitter / @hu_ha_For BONUS videos go to WEEBL AND BOB:Awards: : WEEBL AND BOB:Weebl and Bob are two best friends who love and are devoted to pie. They don't have a house (Weebl sold it to buy a rocket ship) so expect donkeys, pirates and plenty of singing as the two pals roll through plenty of adventures in their search for HUHA:HuHa is brightly-coloured animated flipflappery for adults. And by that we mean it's home to the tastiest comedy toons on YouTube - featuring animal assassins, crime-fighting butchers, appalling advice and shocking greetings cards to send your frenemies.

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