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Vets Arrested In NYC As VA Shuts Down

  • Uploaded by JustSense on Oct 8, 2013
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Police reportedly arrested several anti-war veterans and other protesters at the Vietnam war memorial in New York City Monday night after they refused to leave the site after the 10 curfew time. Some of the individuals arrested were reportedly Vietnam veterans, though it was unclear how many To Furlough 7,000 And Close Vet March To Descend On DC 10/13 For Constitution To Slow DC 10/11 NAVY Captain Plans Says No To Vets But Yes To Attempt To Shut Down Mount Force Museum To Re-Close After 1 Ready To Shutdown 16 US House Openly Threatens US Mall Suicide See -Shutdown Planned In Advance By Backdrop By Dees Editing By Adobe After LinksBackup YouTube ChannelSubscribe To Keep In Me On TwitterBreaking News / New Uploads / Live Show Me On FacebookPage Repeats Twitter Feed Me On Google+New Uploads / Live Scancast Website Scancast Nationwide Scanner NetworkLive Nationwide Scanner Audio And Chat 24/7

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