Dozens Of Militants Killed Near Aleppo Prison Syria

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Damascus (the world) -09-10-2013 - our correspondent in Syria confirmed killed dozens of militants in different areas in the countryside of Aleppo and Damascus, and stressed that the Syrian forces reopened by Hama, Aleppo, stressing that the army is approaching full control of the area Sifrh. The reporter said channel world news colleague Mazen Salmo in a news bulletin shortly before: focused military operations of the Syrian forces in the city of Aleppo and its countryside, where the confirmed military sources that Syrian forces reopened by Hama - Aleppo, via a hub peaceful - Khanasser - Sifrh, after clashes between Syrian forces and armed groups, and the elimination of most of the insurgents who are in this way, in addition to control of the 11 villages in this axis. Salmo added: as sources confirmed that Using Aleppo Khanasser the a is safe, and that aid convoys started to go towards the city, adding that the army targeted militants in the Ambassador gatherings, where close control over this region as a whole. He continued: Syrian forces also targeted gatherings of gunmen in Alramos, Brive Aleppo Gantis, as has been the destruction of cars loaded with weapons and militants, killing all of them in the vicinity of the central prison of Aleppo. And Salmo explained: sources confirmed the killing of dozens of militants in an attempt to infiltrate the armed group الصاخور in the city of Aleppo. And on developments in the field in the countryside of the capital, Damascus correspondent said channel world news colleague Mazen Salmo that Syrian forces continued military operations against armed groups in the East Gouta specifically in the axis north which is one of the fiercest axes in the countryside of the capital Damascus to the presence of large concentrations of militants in it. Salmo added: sources confirmed Syrian forces control over new areas in the neighborhood of Barzeh with clear progress of Syrian forces in this region, as spin violent clashes between Syrian forces and armed groups in Qaboun and Jobar. He noted that in the western axis of the capital countryside army targeted a military headquarters for a victory in Almazemih front was used by armed groups to sniping operations, where the sources talked about the destruction of fully headquarters, killing all armed elements located therein. And Salmo continued: in the southern axis spin sporadic clashes between Syrian troops and militants in Alveabih and Husseiniya the nearby Sayeda Zeinab peace be upon her.

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