Syria army battles insurgents in Aleppo countryside

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The Syrian army continues with operations in Aleppo countryside as it makes way in the heartland of takfiri insurgent held areas. The Syrian Army's operation to secure Hama- Aleppo highway through khanaser town moves on ... building on the momentum of the Army's recent achievement to secure this road, the army began to secure the the road in a new addition to the mission objectives that the Army started the operation with. Today The army proceeded to five new villages and towns to the south of Aleppo fighting its way to a vital intersection. The village behind me is Abu Jereen which is the final leg of the Syrian Army's operation in securing the parameter of the road linking Hama and Aleppo , one the army secures this village the Syrian army would have finished securing the parameter of the road but also it will be able to cut off insurgents supply lines between the western countryside of Aleppo and the southern eastern countryside of Aleppo. Military units have reached the bank of Jaboul swamp that takfiri insurgents used to travel across by boats carrying the explosive devices that they used to cut off the road, these units are hoping to cross the swamp at some point to connect with other units that are besieged in Kuweires airbase and Kuwirese thermal power station. The army commanders utilized all forms of firepower to minimize human casualties including air strikes, mobile artillery and short range missiles. The military operations never stop , even at nights missiles go off and the fighting doesn't stop but no one knows what developments that will bring to the fore the next day.

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