Progress of the Syria army in the southern countryside of Aleppo

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Damascus (the world) 9/10/2013- correspondent reported that the Syrian army continues its operations and progress in different areas in the countryside of Aleppo after his achievements open the road to the city of Aleppo, where operations were stationed in the countryside south of the city, while the army took control of several towns in order to secure the back line to the town Khanasser. The correspondent channel world news in Syria, said operations of the Syrian army comes in the countryside south of Aleppo amid the abundance of firearms and monitoring processes where become targets of armed groups under fire from the Syrian army has advanced infantry divisions of the Syrian army toward the towns under the control of terrorist groups in the region. continued Our correspondent said the Syrian army was able to extend its control over entire towns, "his field" and "Abu Drichh" and "Akrboz" said Syrian officer is in place for a TV correspondent world news: We have been destroyed camps of armed groups fully in these villages and the destruction of their vehicles and the destruction of their armored vehicles and we now advance to the region, "Abu Grimm," which holed where armed groups largely because these areas are from which to escape via boat water eastward and northward. The team visited the Al-Alam whereabouts of militants "Front victory" in this region where looked logos and clear and was There are preserves made ​​in Arab countries and other especially Saudi Arabia, and even the United States. said correspondent channel Al-Alam news that with the progress of the Syrian army in these towns become battle the fiercest on the outskirts of the town, "Abu Green" which is one of the most important strongholds of armed groups being linked to the city, "Sfirh" .

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