Robots of The Sea Special Report! Military Surveillance Environmental Monitoring! Watch Now 2013

  • Uploaded by Grey on Oct 10, 2013
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In the middle of the Pacific Ocean In Search of A Self Propelled Robot! Join Thirdphaseofmoon & Blake Cousins on location and see and experience the future in data collection from the deep blue sea through Liquid Robotics Wave Glider. A self propelled robot that navigates the sea through satellite communication. Utilizing the energy from the movement of the sea, the Wave Glider is able to power itself and perform valuable data collection as a guided listening device that was first developed to monitor the songs of whales off the South Kohala Coast of the Island of Hawaii. The Wave Glider has evolved into a scientific tool in which this robot is controlled to collect specific data, ranging from deep sea oil and gas exploration to measuring and managing cleanup efforts from oil spills and other man made and natural catastrophes in our oceans. New scientific efforts to predict the occurrence and magnitude of tsunami, hurricanes and earthquakes are now possible with the help of the Wave Glider. From military surveillance to environmental monitoring and through data collection the Wave Glider yields definitive scientific instruction on how to address our future. From sharks to mollusks and all sea life, the Wave Glider opens the door in allowing us to monitor these life forms and their environment like never before. The possibilities are limitless and for this reason the future is bright.

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