Ancient Bible Codes, DNA and Bio Spiritual Warfare - 4-HOURS

(4-HOURS) UFOTV, accept no imitations. Posted by permission only! Join Dr. Leonard Horowitz as he explores more than 3000 years of religious and political persecution by a secret cabal that has waged ceaseless wars, famines, plagues and propaganda campaigns against Earth's people. Includes the details about ancient musical and mathematical codes linked to creation, destruction, and miracles, including the repair frequency of DNA the genetic blueprint of life. Ancient knowledge and modern science collide in this amazing 3-HOUR ON DVD - HEALING CODES FOR THE BIOLOGICAL APOCALYPSE - 4-HOUR 2-DVD SPECIAL EDITION, Cat# K476. Go to Dr. Leonard Horowitz & UFOTV, a UFO Video, Inc. Company. All rights reserved.

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