Fresh clashes between insurgents, Syrian army erupt in Golan Heights

After 2 months of calm, armed gangs are once again in action in the Golan Heights launching fresh attacks on the Syrian army. Locals from the Israeli occupied areas say more than 75 militants have been killed in the fighting that began Tuesday night. The Israeli army has once again found inciting and giving help to amred insurgents. Press TV could succeed filming this video whihc shows a group of militants were meeting with Israeli soldiers near the ceasefire line and get protected by them. The video also show the medical aid being provided to insurgents at a field in the occupied Golan Heights . On the other hand, the Israeli army ordered its troops to be on high alert, especially when the firing and clashes erupted between the Syrian army and the militants. A group of civilians also tried to cross the cease-fire line in order to escape the fighting inside their villages. After a few weeks of silence here behind me it seems that the armed gangs have made up their mind to carryout bloodshed against people residing in these villages. But, as we can see the Syrian army is making all its efforts to their attests futile. The army is not hesitating to fire on those insurgents who are collaborating with the Israelis.

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