Dozens of settlers break into al Aqsa Mosque

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Palestinians protested against a large group of American Tourists and Israeli Settlers breaking into the al Aqsa mosque compound. The extreme Jewish Political Party alongside Rabbi's organized a tour for around 50 settlers and American Jewish tourists under the protection of the Israeli army. The Palestinians name them the 'Provocative Tours' and state that they are organized in order to teach tourists a false history of the area and to claim al Aqsa as the Jewish Temple Mount. Hanna Issa explained that israelis are escalating these violations of al Aqsa mosque compound in a last ditch attempt to re-build Temple Mount, which they claim lies beneath the compound. However, following heavy excavations of the area, they have still not found a single trace of evidence. Sheikh Ibrahim continued to state that the violations of al Aqsa are becoming increasingly more dangerous, as they are now being organized by high profile Israeli politicians instead of extreme individuals, as the Israeli authorities are attempting to change the status quo of Jerusalem al Quds. Officials in al-Aqsa say these provocative tours are not only increasing but are being endorsed by the Israeli Knesset. They are calling for urgent intervention and campaigns by international groups to protect Al-Aqsa.

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