27 Year Secrete Project Goes Public January 2013 - ISA - Solid Mass Centrifugal Propulsion System

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27 Year Secrete Project Goes Public January 2013Today the International Space Agency announces in an International Press Release that it is seeking a Prime Contractor & Investors for its revolutionary propulsion need talented and visionary people like join the International Space Agency In Review: Corporation: Phase 4: ) ISA Founder Profile on LinkedIn: ) ISA Company Page on LinkedIn: ) ISA Services: ) ISA Company Profile:! To The Stars! In Peace For All Mankind!Truly, I Am,Mr. Rick R. Dobson, & CEOInternational Space AgencyWashington, Office: (202) 917-0209Omaha, Nebraska Office: (402) 299-2799Email: washington@isa-hq,comInternational Space Box 541053Omaha, Nebraska68154---The International Space Agency Organization was conceived in 1982 in Horseheads, New York State, and Development on the ISA Concept, Structure, and Thesis started in earnest in 1986 in Virginia Beach, Virginia State, and in 1990 the ISA was Incorporated in Ithaca, New York State as a Non-Profit Organization and had its Foundations and Start at Cornell University from 1988 to 1992. The first formal International Space Agency meeting was held at the prestigious Carnegie Endowment For International Peace in Washington, on May 22nd 1992. And the International Space Agency continues advancing the Organizations Vision, Concept, Endeavors, Projects, and Mission to the present day. See full ISA story, information, history here:1) ) ) ) International Space Agency participated in both the 1992 World Space Congress in Washington, and the 2002 World Space Congress in Houston, Space Plane (ISP) Program1) ) Space Academy (Space Academy)International Space News (ISN) Organization Solid Mass Centrifugal Propulsion System (SM-CPS) Program Simulation & Public Release Video Materials Link 1A: Link 1B: Link 2: Link 3A: Link 3B: SM-CPS Page: Important Reference Materials: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) Legal Notice: International Space Agency - Solid Mass Centrifugal Propulsion System and Lifter Ship Technology - Patent Pending, Trademark, Copyright 1986 to 2013 All Rights Are Reserved - Authorized For Official Public Release 21 January 2013

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