'Bitcoin, Tavistock Institute, Council on Foreign Relations, Lexicon Slang [Clif High Wujo 10-Oct-2013]

Title: 10-Oct-2013 Clif High Wujo, Bitcoin, Tavistock Institue, Council on Foreign Relations, Lexicon Slang Recording Date (start): 10-Oct-2013, 02:48 PM Pacific Coast of North America Daylight Savings Time Release Date: 10-Oct-2013 Runtime: 01h 12m 51.4s (4371.4s) Topics Discussed: 2013 Lexicon Slang Software, ARD Tavistock Institue Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) ULLEs Editor's Note: Adjusted and normalized amplitude levels, removed a few of the more obnoxious coughs. Clif HIgh's Website: http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ Please give this video a thumbs-up, subscribe to my YouTube channel (ehyeshua), and visit Clif's website.

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