Lebanon's March 14th alliance disapprove of Syria's decision to destroy chemical weapons

As the UN inspectors are in Syria, Lebanon's March 14th alliance says the disarmament is a defeat for the resistance as it tips the strategic balance in favor of Israel. Military strategists however find the U.S.-Russia agreement to be a victory for Syria as it confirms the legitimacy of Assad's government, which allows the resistance to maintain its regional power. Analysts say Hezbollah will keep its alliance with the Syrian government. Asked about the possibility of accusing Hezbollah of having chemical weapons, Dr. Mouzahem stressed that the resistance has no reason to own such weapons. Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has denied that the resistance movement has received chemical weapons from Syria, stating that possessing this type of arsenal is forbidden and immoral. Although the Syrian government has agreed to destroy its chemical weapons, analysts believe that this does not prevent Damascus and its allies from resisting against Israel.

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