Kurds clash with police over reform package

Clashes between demonstrators and police continue in Turkey's South East. Mass protests came after the Turkish Prime Minister Raccip Tayyip Erdogan announced his reform package. The package was expected to create reforms in Turkey leading to more democratic rights and the continuation of the peace process reached in March between the PKK and the Turkish government . The demonstrators in Southern Turkey have clashed with police, and the reform package issued by the Turkish government as the second phase of the peace process with the PKK has not been accepted by the PKK. They have not given an official statement yet on this issue. However we were able to catch up with the Peace and Democracy party also known as the BDP. The BDP is the PKK's political wing and they have labled the Prime Ministers reforms as mere crumbs being thrown at them. Under the reform package, Kurdish-language education will be permitted in private schools and electoral candidates will be allowed to campaign in Kurdish language. They have also said the reform package was not worth the wait. But what exactly does the PKK and the BDP want? That was a question we took up with BDP deputy Sabbat Tuncel. The PKK and the Turkish government have been at odds for decades and the war has left over 40,000 people dead on both sides. The PKK and the Turkish government reached an agreement in March on a ceasefire. One of the conditions of the ceasefire was for the PKK to lay down arms and retreat to Northern Iraq. But the PKK has stopped the pull out, due to what they call the governments negligence in complying with reasonable terms . Meanwhile clashes are ongoing between the police and Kurds in South Eastern Turkey. Police have fired water canons at protesters and protesters have responded with petrol bombs.

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