Rep. Duncan Hunter on Megyn Kelly Calls for Chuck Hagel to Resign: "He Broke the Sacred Trust"

  • Uploaded by JustSense on Oct 12, 2013
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10/10/13 - Rep. Duncan Hunter was on with Megyn Kelly again tonight to discuss the fact that Obama and Harry Reid had a change of heart and tonight Obama signed a bill to ensure military families get the death benefits they so deserve. Megyn Kelly made a great point during this, that if it was really a concern for the DoD that death benefits weren't going to be paid out to military families, that they would have come back to Congress 9 days ago and said fix it. But they never did, according to Hunter, who says that someone made a conscious decision and said 'do not pay out these benefits' to military families, and he belives it was Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. Regardless of how said it, Hagel allowed it to happen and for that he says Hagel broke the sacred trust of these military families and calls on him to a side note, I'm really loving The Kelly File. She's really taken this one by the horns over the last few nights.

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